Saturday, February 16, 2013

What People are Saying

The Apply for Equality protest was amazing, and a bit of an emotional roller coaster! It felt surreal to stand alongside so many compassionate people including those of faith and clergy, in solidarity for LGBT rights.... I ended up speaking a little and wept several times, but the most powerful moment was when we sang "We Shall Overcome", and drowned out the bigots that showed up. Witnessing: Catholics, various Protestant denominations, a couple other alternative people, Jews, allies, Atheists, and so many LGBT people come together to stand up for what's right; was beautiful!
I've certainly seen some of humanity at its worst and it's worn me down, but I've also seen people come together to stand for what's rekindled a bit more faith in humanity.
Can't wait to do this again next year too! :)" ~AP

Friday, February 15, 2013


Justin mentioned in his post today that today his adrenaline rush is over and now he's crashed. I definitely have an element of that today - especially when I look around my trashed house and the pile of schoolbooks that I've barely cracked this week. But I have not experienced the "spiritual crash" he has. It's understandable, as much passion that I have for this issue, my rights are not being infringed upon. I am married to the love of my life. I can walk hand in hand with my husband without any fear of harrassment. I know that I'll never be fired because of my sexual-orientation. I can empathize but I will never never truly know how any of  those things feel.

Today, though, I have more hope. More hope, because for the first time ever, I witnessed faith leaders in my community stand up and lend their voices in support of marriage equality. I also saw person after person become empowered to give their testimony, to speak their story, and demand the rights that are due them. I watched as people realize that they are not alone. I saw the birth of a community. Yesterday we arrived by ourselves or in pairs or small groups. But as we left, we left connected, bound to each other. Those ties are now stretched across the tri-state area and even further - invisible, gossamer threads that can be gathered up when we need to raise our voices together again.

Nothing has changed on the face of things. But hearts have been soothed, souls have been lifted up, and minds have been galvanized.

Sugar Rush

Everyone knows that great 'Rush' feeling. As kids, we would bounce off the walls on a sugar rush. As adults, we sometimes get our rushes in other ways, caffeine, alcohol, adrenaline. The problem with each of these is the crash.

Yesterday was a sugar rush. It made my heart soar to see the couples, hear the speeches and feel the love. To make a public statement that I WANT the man in my life to be my legally wedded husband made my heart swell further. I am not ashamed of our relationship and I proudly walked into the courthouse hand in hand with him.

But today I'm living on the crash side. I dug out the stories and our 'rejection letter' from last year. I don't know why that brought me down, but it did.  Same exact letter. Nothing has changed. The prosecuting attorney didn't even bother to write a new letter. He brought up a file from his documents folder, changed the date and sent it on to the clerks. They did use a different high lighter this year. I guess thats progress.

Yesterday was a rush. Today I'm tired. Tired of this state and its people make us live in such a way. Tired by the fact that they brush off my relationship, my LOVE, with a few short paragraphs on cheap letterhead. Tired from the hurt it brings to receive and read these letters and then that moment that it sinks in that the letters really say, "You are not equal." Tired from the thoughts of 'how much longer, how many more letters?'

How long until the piece of paper we are handed changes and instead of the day after crash, I can go on an extended rush as we begin to plan our wedding, right here in the place we call home.

I'm tired but I'm not giving up. I'm down but I'm not out. I've crashed, but I'll heal. There are positive days ahead.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interfaith Service

This year we are adding an interfaith service to our schedule. We feel it is important to give voice to the many faiths and denominations that support marriage equality. Too many people have heard for too long that you can't be LGBTQ (or someone who supports them) and still be a person of faith. We are blessed to have several clergy members in this area that are willing to stand up and add their voices to this important conversation.

The interfaith service will begin at 10:15am

Order of Service

Invocation and Welcome - Rev. Bonnie Boyce

Reading - Rev. Robin Blakeman

Song - Matthew Shank

Reading  - Father Lark Muncy

Remarks - Rev. Kay Albright

Closing and Prayer - Rabbi Jean Eglinton

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We're Getting Close!

We are getting excited!! Are you? Our guest list on Facebook now totals 106 going and another 83 maybes. We have also heard from our t-shirt vendor that 25 shirts have been bought - thank you to all who bought a shirt to speak your message loudly (and thanks for supporting a local business).

We will have guests from as far away as North Carolina, several local church leaders who will be joining us for an interfaith service to kick off things, and we will have a PA system set up to give YOU the opportunity to step up and speak out in favor of marriage equality!

On Wednesday, February 13th, we will have a sign-making gathering at First Steps Drop-In Center, 516 7th Street, Huntington, at 7:30pm. If you would like to make your own signs please make sure to keep them respectful and on-point.

Our event will officially kick-off at 10am. We will be situated at  the corner of 4th Avenue & 8th Street.

General Schedule

10:00am - gather at 4th Avenue & 8th Street
10:15am - interfaith service
11:00am - couples begin entering the courthouse to apply for marriage licenses
               - at this time we will also have an open mic for those wishing to speak
1:45pm - closing remarks
2:00pm - the end, see you next year!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Protest Etiquette

Some protest etiquette tips. Basically, we want to make our voice heard in the most positive light possible. Be respectful, be polite, and ignore those who are not reciprocating.

1) For couples going in to apply for licenses, please be as polite and nice to the clerks as humanly possible. We are NOT there to argue with them or be angry with them. They are simply doing their job and following the law and we are already making their day stressful enough.


2) PLEASE DON'T FEED THE STUPID. There will likely be some counter protesters. They should not matter to us. We will not change their opinions. They will not change ours. Getting in a yelling match with them will simply dilute our message, and make it negative. Our message is a positive one. Its about equality and love. Plain and simple. Leave them to do their own thing and ignore them as much as you would the bench they're sitting on.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Save the date!

If you are able to help the evening before the protest, we will be having a gathering to make signs and do some last minute planning on Wednesday the 13th at 7:30.  This will take place at First Steps Wellness & Recovery center located at 516 7th Street.  This is near the courthouse and right behind First Congregational UCC. This will serve as a meet & greet as well so please come by if you can!